Otoplasty – One Face – Adelaide

(Ear Pinning)

About Otoplasty

For some people the shape their ears can be a real cause of embarrassment and can become an undesirable focal point on the face.

Otoplasty is a procedure which aims to improve the shape and position of the ears.

The most common reason for otoplasty include:

  • 1) Protruding ears
  • 2) Ears lacking their normal folds
  • 3) Ears that fold over on top
  • 4) Ears that are a different size or shape
  • 5) Overly large ears

The procedure is typically performed in children after the age of 5 (the ear has usually taken on a more adult size by this stage). This age also coincides with the commencement of schooling and aims to reduce the likelihood that the child will be bullied or teased at school due to the appearance of their ears. Adults may wish to enhance the appearance of their ears and this can occur at any age, providing they are fit for the surgery.

It is worth noting that whilst otoplasty is typically performed for cosmetic reasons, patients are eligible for a Medicare benefit as the procedure is considered reconstructive. Likewise if you have private health insurance this may also contribute to your costs.

Earlobe Plasty / Repair

Dr Cleland provides a service to repair torn earlobes, a problem frequently seen with trauma to a pierced earlobe.

Likewise, surgical options are available for patients who have stretched or gauged their earlobes with spacers and wish to have this corrected. This is a common request and may be seen in individuals who find themselves working in a more conservative environment or who are undergoing other lifestyle changes.